Deceased Slang

Don't risk sounding lame! View our list of slang that YOU voted as no longer relevant. *R.I.P. to all the jargon that's canceled*

as if exclamation  synonym for "yeah right," insinuating that you're not going to do something, made popular by the movie Clueless
cool your jets verb  to control one's excitement, to calm down 
dawg noun • a good friend
go postal verb • to react violently, often without worry of consequences
have a cow verb  to become angry or agitated, made popular by the TV show The Simpsons
hip adjective • synonym for cool
hipster adjective • a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream
livin' large verb  living the good life
major adjective  notable, denoting something as the best
miss thing noun • a girl who has a sassy or spunky attitude
off the chain adjective  wild and fun
pimpin adjective  someone who has high sex appeal 
swag noun • synonym for cool 
take a chill pill verb  said to someone else to tell them to calm down
talk to the hand verb • said to someone else to disregard what they've said, effectively ending the conversation; usually accompanied by raising a single hand, palm out towards the other person
this rocks exclamation • used when something is really cool
wayyy exclamation  word of affirmation, often a counter-reply to "no way" 
whoop there it is expression hey look at that; typically used to point out someone with a nice body
YOLO expression  acronym for you only live once; used before 
you go girl exclamation phrase of encouragement