This sound familar?

You're at the table enjoying a pleasant, family dinner when you hear the kids begin uttering words and phrases you've never heard before. Joey shouts, "Stacy's so thirsty!" but your intuition tells you she doesn't want a glass of water. They're speaking English, but you have no idea what they're saying. You feel clueless but too embarrassed to admit that you don't understand. The days of cluelessness are over, The Gen Z Dictionary is here to help translate and keep you in the know!

Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer!

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nounHigh social reputation

“He got a lot of clout from winning the hacky sack tournament.”

no cap

/ˈnō ˈkap/

exclamation • To be dead serious

“I ate an entire pizza by myself last night, no cap.”

the lab

/thə læb/

nounA place you go to improve yourself like a gym or library

“Me and Tanner are going to get a quick workout at the lab.”


Brilliant! I can now understand my kids! Thank you for the insight in a nice, neat package. Easily fits in my purse for a grab-n-go. Love it!

Tammy, Enlightened Mother, Boomer

This puts Urban Dictionary to bed. My mother knows too much now, nothing gets past her anymore.

Meghan, Concerned Daughter, Gen Z

Not only is this book a ton of fun, it illustrates the importance slang plays in our culture. I hope someone has the foresight to place a copy of this book into a time capsule. Future generations will need this to decode the digital messages they find in their archaeological digs. At some point in time tea…will again just be tea. Keep it 100!

Mr. C with 3 Gen Z's, Boomer